Integrate QR Codes To Your Ads

• Direct clients to landing pages

• Offer digital discounts and premiums

• Direct users to instructional videos

• Avoid overloading print ads

• Add detailed information in your landing page

• Sign up customers to your mailing list

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Frequently Asked Questions.

QR Codes stand for Quick Response (QR) Codes. These are two-dimensional bar codes which all smartphones are able to scan. Once scanned,  mobile websites, mobile offers, or other digital content can be easily redirected. 

QR Codes can be implemented in marketing you’re already doing and make it more effective.  QR Codes can be added to printed promotional material including signage, business cards, product packaging, or media advertising. 

QR Codes are not new in the digital world but they have become more popular after Covid-19, businesses use them to decrease contact and the general public is more open to using them. You can track the visits you get, offer digital offers, update information live, have an email list sign-up, direct customers to your app, landing page, website etc…  

First of all QR codes let the public know you are in the forefront and not staying behind in the digital age. They will take a small space in your ad and help you give more breathing space in your ad by removing non-primary details and instead adding those details in the directed landing page. 

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