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Welcome to our website featuring real-life case studies from our clients. Our digital marketing firm specializes in helping small businesses thrive online through innovative approaches to SEO, web design, social media marketing, Google My Business, and PPC advertising. Explore our case studies to see how we’ve helped clients overcome their unique challenges and achieve their goals.

Case Studies

Azteca Party Rentals: More conversions through Digital Marketing

Azteca Party Rentals approached us with a desire to enhance their online presence and attract more customers. We created a comprehensive social media campaign, which included targeted advertising, engaging visuals, and customer reviews. With in six months Azteca Party Rentals saw an 65% increase in website traffic and a 50% increase in Click through rates. and 20% increase in Conversions.


Low website traffic, needed more conversions to pick up rental reservations.


Targeted advertising through Google Ads and an engaging landing page. Increased phone call leads (calls from ads).


65% increase in website traffic
50% increase in
Click Through Rate (CTR)
20% increase in Conversion rate

Increased CTR and Conversion Rates: Vazquez Towing

Vazquez Towing is one of the leading roadside assistance providers and Junk Car buyers in the Southern California area. Discover how we helped them increase their online visibility with a targeted PPC campaign, leading to more clicks, conversions and sales.

Results Achieved

Increase in CTR

Click Through Rate (CTR) increased by 42% which led to more clicks and website traffic.

Higher Quality Leads

Conversion rates improved by 35% resulting in more high-quality leads.


Vazquez Towing saw a 25% increase in their return on investment thanks to our targeted PPC campaign.

Online Presence Revamp for Attorney Office: Marlon Brandstater

A local attorney’s office wanted to establish a stronger online presence and attract more clients. We provided them with a complete website redesign, as well as a personalized SEO strategy that increased their organic search rankings. After just three months, the firm saw a 200% increase in website leads and a significant boost in online visibility.

Redesigned Website

Clean, professional and optomized for lead generation.

SEO Strategy

Targeted keywords, Meta tags and Content Optimization focused on Bankruptcy law.


200% increase in website leads and improvement of online visibility within three months

What Our Clients Say

Our Client Testimonies

Our business has seen an incredible improvement in our online presence and traffic. Thank you for your excellent efforts!

Jacob F.

I would recommend this digital marketing firm to anyone looking to expand their online reach. We’ve seen significant website traffic and sales growth since working with them.

Lindsay P.

We’ve worked with this firm for two years and have seen a substantial improvement in our web presence. They have been a valuable partner in our continued business growth.

Michael C.

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